H.C. Andersen world mapped



"... landscape pictures from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales have, in some entries, undergone detailed analysis in order to be metaphorically illustrated, ideally demonstrated in entry..." From the jury report



The starting point of our proposal is the thorough analysis of the literature, following and capturing all relevant elements to build the Hans Christian Andersen experience.



This faBle is intended for you

Simply but profoundly the content of the exhibition is focused on the fairy tales, combining conventional presentation methods, new technologies and landscape to give the greatest experience. The world of fairy tales offers something different to each user as the Hans Christian Andersen stories do. According to the age, the mood, the moment in life and other parameters of the visitor; the fairy tale chosen will encourage, sooth, calm, motivate or try to answer his specific needs. Choosing certain experience, following a specific route or visiting on a different season, the user will have a completely different experience each time that visits the museum. A very recommended destination and a new trademark for Denmark, the center will also be a place of daily dialogue, sharing and use for the citizens of Odense.

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